Your February garden

06 February 2024

The gales have subsided and February has arrived, albeit with the threat of some wintry showers . The birds are in fine song and the days are lengthening. There’s plenty to do and to plan in the garden. Cheering yourself up with a bit of instant seasonal colour is always a good start.  More...

Patio Heaters - new, lower prices

11 November 2023

Heaters are now available at next year's lower prices.

You'll find our range of heaters here

Kettler early-season offers

11 November 2023

We have some great early-season prices on our Kettler furniture ranges.

Find them highlighted here


08 November 2023

Nice selection of larger houseplants in stock at the moment including Fiddle Leaf Figs, Autograph Trees and Philodendrons; all ready to make a statement in your home.